Did a few shows in the South this past week. Started in Atlanta, ended up in Raleigh, and sandwiched Asheville in between. 

Atlanta, Georgia

Landed in Atlanta where David (Hubbble) picked me up and we headed straight to the venue on the East side. The only other time I've been in Atlanta, I hung out downtown and performed at Tomorrow World festival which was in the woods. East Atlanta had more a small town vibe to it, which I really liked. There were a lot of bars and restaurants on the stretch of the tree lined street we were on. All the locals where telling us how shocked they were that it was so cold (it was freezing), apparently it was super warm the week before. The trees were a little shocked too, some had full spring time blooms, while the others didn't have a single leaf on them. The venue in Atlanta (529 EAV) reminded me a lot of Low End Theory, so I felt very much at home!

Asheville, North Carolina

We arrived in Asheville on St. Patty's Day. I felt like it was the appropriate town to be in for such a holiday. Asheville, home of Moog, was our first stop in NC. We took a tour of the factory, and by the end, I was ready to take every single one home with me. We watched as teams dedicated to different parts of the building process worked away. Incredible how they're made by hand. They're like the Lambos of the synth world! We stopped and grabbed some Indian for dinner, then got a few drinks at a Tiki Bar before soundcheck. One of my favorite parts of this trip was definitely St. Patty's Day, in a Tiki Bar, listening to death metal. 

Durham, North Carolina

Durham had a true vintage Americana feel to it. We walked through the town and ran into friends of David on almost every block. I saw a lot of old car garages/gas stations turned restaurant, brewery, music venue, coffee shop, etc. 

Raleigh, NC

Raleigh photos by @sakyboi