It's been a little over a week since I've gotten back from Cabo, and I'm still very much in vacation mode. Mexico is a place I've gone to almost every Summer growing up, I've been fortunate to keep that tradition alive as I've gotten older. I find myself in Baja quite a bit, and when I'm not there, I find myself planning trips to go back.

I met up with my family a day after a tropical storm rolled through, and arrived for the perfect weather... a little humid, but moisture does wonders for my hair so I didn't mind. 

Cabo is a romantic little port town. Theres a relaxed tropical vibe that contrasts with the neon lit party scene. I stuck with the former vibe. 

We woke up every morning over looking the infinity pool, and the cabana lined beach was just a few steps away. It was nice to be on vacation and not do anything. I can't count the number of margaritas I drank on the beach, off the beach, on a boat, on a rooftop etc. etc. 

The first time I ever drank Sol beer was my first time in Cabo back in 2009, so naturally I had to find an 8-pack (they do 8 instead of 6-packs) and drink a couple on a little secluded beach adjacent to Playa Del Amor. We took a water taxi to go to the beaches uncrowded by foot traffic. We were right by the Arch, so it made for good snorkeling. There were a plethora of colorful fish, I even saw a puffer fish which was really cool and totally caught me off guard!

One of my favorite places we ate at was Flora Farms - this farm down a little dirt road, they grow and cook everything there at the spot. Apparently they don't advertise, and all of there traffic is from word of mouth. It was pretty crowded, and super fresh. We stayed pretty much all day, got a tour of the farm, had a few drinks, too much wine, and too much good food

Our hotel had plants on every corner, I thought I had a lot of plants in my apartment, but its nothing compared to all the plants here.. definitely gave me plant envy, ha!

The sunsets might have been one of my favorite parts about this trip. That and getting to spend time with my family. We get so caught up in every day life, time really just slips through our fingers. Being able to take sometime out of our routine and just hang out really is my kind of perfect vacation.